Yoga & Chiropractic Care

A powerful synergy exists between yoga and holistic chiropractic care, with more shared principles and complementary benefits than you might think. Each practice prioritizes the cultivation of a deeper connection with our bodies and minds, aiming to restore balance, reduce pain, and improve overall health by removing blockages in our bodies. 

Alignment is at the center of both yoga and chiropractic care. Through a combination of unique movements, breathwork, and meditation, yoga works to align the body, mind, and spirit. This promotes flexibility, muscle strength, and balance while reducing stress and anxiety. Similarly, chiropractic care restores well-being and peace of mind by correcting misalignments in the body that cause interference in the nervous system using gentle spinal adjustments and movements. When used together, yogis can experience enhanced benefits of each practice—yoga increases the body’s responsiveness to chiropractic treatment by promoting flexibility and reducing muscle tension, while chiropractic care supports spinal alignment, relieves joint pain, and enhances overall body function for a restriction-free yoga practice. Much like the yoga mindset, chiropractic care emphasizes a natural approach, straying away from medications and invasive techniques.

Embracing yoga and chiropractic care allows us to nurture our bodies and deepen our connection with ourselves and the universe. A dedicated yogi herself, Dr. Lisa has over a decade of experience practicing and teaching yoga that informs her chiropractic care and techniques. By intertwining these powerful practices, we can eliminate interference in our bodies and pave the way for a balanced and harmonious life.

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