How Chiropractic Treatment Helps TMJ Disorder

At Circle of Life Chiropractic, we understand that living with TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorder can make it difficult to comfortably enjoy everyday life. Sore jaw muscles, difficulty opening your mouth, and uncomfortable clicking of the jaw can disrupt how you talk, eat, and carry out daily activities. TMJ disorder stems from various factors, including genetics, stress, teeth grinding, jaw misalignment, or injury. Our holistic chiropractic treatment offers a gentle and effective approach to alleviating symptoms of TMJ disorder, with an added focus on stress reduction.

Dr. Lisa is skilled at helping ease pain by treating underlying problems that contribute to discomfort in the joint connecting the jawbone and skull through gentle massage. By applying controlled pressure to trigger points in the muscles around the jaw joint, chiropractic treatments can relax tense muscles and ensure every part is in its natural alignment. This can relieve pain and restore the proper functioning of the jaw while reducing stress.

It’s important to understand how stress can impact ailments in the body that cause chronic pain, creating a cycle of stress that affects us mentally and physically. Scientific studies have shown that stress can significantly impact musculoskeletal conditions like TMJ disorder. Circle of Life Chiropractic strives to deliver thoughtful care that addresses underlying stress and tension through relaxation exercises and mindfulness techniques. These approaches are designed to effectively alleviate TMJ disorder symptoms and improve your quality of life. 

Our holistic treatments offer a gentle and comprehensive approach to relieving symptoms of TMJ disorder. Using gentle massage techniques, adjustments, and a focus on stress reduction, chiropractic care can address TMJ disorder’s physical and mental discomforts, promoting overall well-being for a more enjoyable and fulfilling life. 

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