Leah S.

I have been going to Dr. Lisa since the very beginning of my pregnancy and I am now four weeks from my due date. 

Dr. Lisa has been absolutely irreplaceable and invaluable. I cannot imagine going through my pregnancy without her. There were so many, known and unknown, issues she had/has to constantly work on and address.

I’ve had more success with Dr. Lisa than the care of any other chiropractor or physical therapist I’ve ever been to – without a doubt!

I’ve been to my share of chiropractors and I can confidently say “she is the best”! Since day one, every single visit has been an absolutely personalized and detailed, whole-body approach, that has catered to all my needs.
She has greatly helped me with long-term issues that I was dealing with – like my knees – and thoroughly addressed new ones – like my pregnancy changes & getting my body prepared for labor & deliver.

In my opinion, Dr. Lisa is at the near perfect time in her career; she’s not brand new to chiropractic care, so her experience is valuable, yet she is still young enough in her profession to where she carries so much genuine enthusiasm, passion and care for what she does.

Her bedside manner is ideal; always kind, attentive, professional, thorough and compassionate.

The only downside I’ve came across is that she doesn’t take insurance, but she is truly worth every penny. Again, I honestly could not imagine going through my pregnancy without her and I’m so glad I didn’t have to.


Deidra S.

I was referred to Dr Lisa by a friend who was bringing her daughter. I became excited because I never knew of any chiropractors that worked with children. I thought it may be a good idea to bring my son as he is learning how to swim. He’s also a rambunctious two year old and I wanted to set him up for physical success going forward. She’s so great with him. She helps me as his mother pay attention to his behaviors and what I see his body doing. She also gives me tips on how I can help him, which I love.

I ended up injuring my lower back after falling down the stairs at home. I reached out to Dr Lisa because I was in so much pain and didn’t know what else to do. She was able to see me very quickly and the rest is history. Dr Lisa is very thorough in her care. She doesn’t just address whatever issue you may have, she also works to prevent other issues. The pain from my lower back never goes away but it has diminished significantly. She cares for the whole body.

She’s very informative and you can feel that she loves what she does. She’s also a very sweet and friendly person. Her bedside manner is impeccable. Please see Dr Lisa! You won’t regret it. She’s worth every penny.


J S.

I believe Dr. Lisa to be a true healer. We came to her because our daughter was a week away from getting a frenectomy (release of her tongue & lip tie). It’s recommended to get craniosacral therapy before & after getting the procedure done. I was having the hardest time finding someone who does such a therapy, but then I came across Dr. Lisa. After just one session, we noticed our daughters face had loosened up!! She had super tight cheeks since birth and thought this was normal. Just 8 hours after our first session, her cheeks went from rock hard to super squishy baby cheeks on her cute face – we couldn’t believe it!!

She also was favoring looking to her left and had the hardest time looking to het right. We noticed that Dr. Lisa’s adjustments worked within HOURS! Our baby girl was able to look both ways again. We’ve been so blown away that we see Dr. Lisa weekly for our girl. Thank you so much Dr. Lisa – you really are a healer!!


Lindsay B.

I started visiting Lisa at Circle of Life at 37 weeks into my second pregnancy. My only regret is that I would have gone in sooner, and certainly for my first child. 

Lisa was able to release tension and prepare my body for birth. I had a very long labor with my first that resulted in complications and having an extended hospital stay to a 4 hour labor and going home from the hospital in less than 24 hours with my second. I’m certain that this was in part due to the work that Lisa did to prepare my body.

I’m still going in for regular visits at 5 weeks postpartum and it’s absolutely helping my recovery from labor and pregnancy, and also relief from breastfeeding and general “everyday mom” pains and aches.


Marshall And K.

I am so incredibly happy with the work Dr K has done for me. I came to her practice after over a decade of headaches, neck aches and debilitating migraines. After a few months of working with her, everything is feeling better. Headaches are less frequent, and I haven’t had a migraine since being under her care. She truly appears willing and able to treat the person as a whole and work towards getting you/me out of pain and back to life.

Rhea A.

Dr. Lisa provided chiro care for me! She was very compassionate with how my body felt and gave it the best care! She explained every step she did! I looked forward seeing her! My body felt so relaxed after all the adjustments, and oh my posture also improved! I just loved hearing and feeling the “cracking” of my bones! :). You will love her and won’t regret meeting and getting services done! Oh, did I say that she was also my yoga instructor?! Wow! 2-in-1, a chiropractor and yoga teacher! You’ll have best of both worlds!!!


Yvette L.

I wanted to share that we were involved in a very big car accident on my first drive after a c-section. A 4-Runner T-boned our car impacting our then (5 week old newborn). After extensive cranial manipulation and adjustments I am so overwhelmed with how much progress my son has had. Fully being able to turn his head without constant neck pain and cries, to the increase in range of motion. A big thank you to Dr. Lisa of Circle of Chiropractic in Calabasas, Ca. She was god sent and we could never repay what her healing energy has done for our entire family. This also assisted with constipation, teething and all the little intricate things during this real life nightmare we experienced. So grateful!


Eric N.

Great Chiropractor wonderful attention to detail. If I could will have to make a trip out to see her as this probably the best most professional DC I have been to. There are several points which Dr. Krylova always addresses as I always appear out of alignment. You see that was the point on my design my constant desire for realignment as I had a normative curve in my spine as it was always scoliosis as nobody is perfect it’s just the design cued flaws and prompts on the hard work phenomenon that Dr. Krylova really focuses on that brings about true back pain relief to her patients.


Cannelle F

Dr. Lisa is great! I had considered bringing my baby boy to a chiropractor as he tends to favor looking to one side and because we had a difficult birth and felt it could help but I was of course a little apprehensive because he’s so small. We looked up a few chiropractors that work with kids and infants and after reading her reviews and speaking to her on the phone we decided she was the one for us. She’s been wonderful. She’s so good with babies, our son is very comfortable with her and is always smiley and at ease while she works on him and after just three visits he’s regularly looking both ways and has significantly improved his tummy time. I’m so glad we decided to bring him to Dr.Lisa.


Elsie O.

Dr. Krylova Is amazing! She honestly put me back together again. I had terrible low back and pelvic pain and a lot of areas out of alignment… She took the time to find each and everything that I needed support. She uses a variety of techniques, which I love. Her manual massage is amazing… And her adjustments are flawless. I’m so grateful I found her! Plus she’s super sweet and professional. I recommended my two best friends to her… And they love her also

Luis T.

Dr. Lisa continues to provide awesome service to all our referrals in our professional networking group (BNI) , she is energetic, passionate, and well-versed in her craft. She has a great niche with helping infant and newborn children as well as expecting-to-be moms. her consultations are thorough before she does work on you and makes you feel comfortable with a plan moving forward. Thank you Dr Lisa for your work!


Briana L.

Dr Lisa was a godsend during and after my pregnancy. Not much can alleviate the aches and pains of pregnancy and new motherhood but I truly feel better every time I see her. Her knowledge, judgement and gentle touch as a practitioner is incredible. I don’t think my labor, birth, or postpartum recovery would have gone nearly as smooth without her care.

francine greene.

Dr Lisa has been our family chiropractor for over a year. After dealing with low back pain she was able to relieve and show me how to remain pain free. Although she is a chiropractor she’s uses other modalities to help improve and heal areas that might sneak back. I highly recommend her and have referred friends as well as my husband who have also benefited from her services.

Brenna B.

Dr. Lisa is the best. I’m dealing with herniated discs from a bad fall along with other pains. What drew me in was the personalized treatment. My appointments never feel rushed and I can tell she cares. I feel heard and taken care of when I am there. Dr. Lisa is also very professional and kind. Her office is very welcoming and comfortable.

Ella Torres.

From the moment we walked into Dr.Lisa’s office, I was impressed by the welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Dr.Lisa displayed exceptional professionalism and knowledge. I highly recommend Dr.Lisa, especially if you are looking for a pediatric chiropractor. We are grateful for Dr.Lisa as she has helped our son so much. Thank you!

Deborah W.

Dr Lisa Krylova is an amazing chiropractor! I’ve been seeing her weekly for about 4 years & she keeps me completely pain free. At 64 years old, I could easily have daily aches & pains but honestly everything feels good thanks to her! She employs different technique and is up on the latest research & procedures. If you’re looking to stay healthy & out of pain, I highly recommend Dr Lisa!

Natalie S.

I’ve been seeing Dr Lisa for over a month now for lower back pain from a car accident. I was specifically looking for someone who would give a more personalized experience and she did not disappoint! I think she is a perfect blend of western and holistic practices and highly recommend Circle of Life!

Roger T.

Highly recommend visiting Dr. Lisa for your chiropractic needs. Not only does she help if you’re in pain or discomfort, but she also gives great tips on preventative care to avoid future injuries.

Tatiana C.

I have been seeing Dr. Lisa for almost a year now, and my back and neck have improved a lot from when I first met her. She is very personable and makes you feel very comfortable while she is treating you. Looking forward to continuing my healing process with her.

Nathan W.

This is the first chiropractic session I’ve had since I was young. Dr. Lisa is so knowledgeable and thorough. She has so many tools and tricks of the trade to keep you comfortable throughout the session. I felt better immediately. I can’t recommend her enough.

Frank R.

Dr Lisa is such a knowledgeable and caring person. I just love her! She cares a lot about her patients and she focuses on pregnant women who need extra care and attention. I high recommend chiropractic care for everyone and dr Lisa is one of the best!

Maddie W.

Dr. Lisa was wonderful. Her process is thorough and she is exceptionally knowledgeable. She keeps you informed and comfortable throughout the session. I felt better immediately after. I can’t recommend her enough.

Chase D.

I went to see Dr.Lisa for an adjustment and can attest she is exceptional. I learned about how my body is adjusting to the physical and mental stressors of life and ways to mitigate the impacts. Her knowledge and techniques are invaluable!

Ryan P.

Thanks Dr. Lisa, Great experience! Typically I experience a bit of anxiety, when I get adjusted by someone for the first time. Lisa was great though made me feel comfortable. Her adjustments are super gentle and precise. I immediately started to feel some relief!!

Ian L.

LOVE Circle of Life Chiropractic. My girl Lisa is an absolute dream. Strong, yet gentle. Professional, yet personable. This woman knows what she is doing, and educated me every step of the way. Cannot recommend enough. I walk out of her practice ready to conquer the world!

Tory P.

Dr. Lisa is an amazing chiropractor. She uses a gentle technique which puts me at ease because I’ve had problems in the past with other docs adjusting me too hard. She explained what she was doing and I feel really comfortable with her.

Arlene V.

Dr. Lisa is a great Chiropractor. She takes her time getting to know the needs of your body, then gets to work on helping your body heal. She has helped my back and neck issue and Im on the road to recovery.

Jaely T.

Dr. Lisa is amazing! She genuinely cares for her patients and has relieved me from years of pain in a short amount of time! I highly recommend coming to see her!

Lauren T.

Lisa is not only professional and kind she has her own way of doing chiropractic care that takes the normal technique above and beyond. She has saved my back from many times now. Thank you!

Jaelin T.

Dr Lisa is amazing! She genuinely cares about her patients and is great at what she does. I’ve had back pain for years and she has relieved me of the pain in a short amount of time!

Sitara P.

I love Dr Krylova…. she helped correct a terrible low back issue I was having, I feel like new again! I love how she takes time, and really investigates each part of the body to find where you need realigning. I also like that she uses a variety of different methodologies and techniques. Each visit is so thorough!

Kevin M.

I was blown away with Lisa’s knowledge and professionalism. She made feel very comfortable through the entire process and explained each adjustment in detail to make me feel comfortable throughout the process. 5 star all day!!

Greg T.

Have been seeing Dr. Lisa for the past several months and have never felt better. Started with a specific alignment and now I just see her once a month for general alignment. Worth every penny and couldn’t be easier to work with. Highly recommend to everyone.


Kara P.

Dr. Lisa works wonders. I have chronic back pain and when I started my treatment with her, I could feel my pain go away gradually. I highly recommend her!

Frankie R.

I had been struggling with a very tight upper back and sore aching forearms Dr.Krylova did some muscle work and adjustments a few times to help get me back in the gym 💪🏽 I would highly recommend her.

Kristin R.

Dr. Lisa has a great bedside manner and very generously was able to squeeze me in when I hurt my back and couldn’t walk upright. She has a very nice, clean and welcoming office. Highly recommend!


Greg Truex.

Have been seeing Dr. Lisa for several months now and she is worth every penny. From specific needs to general health and wellbeing, highly recommend.

Stephanie R.

The best most complete & personal care I’ve ever received!!! Highly recommend it. Has been incredibly useful in my recovery.

Anto B.

Dr. Lisa loves what she does and we will definitely be referring her practice to others

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